Global Reach Consolidates Initiatives, Resources to Secure Return of US Citizens Held Hostage or Wrongfully Detained Abroad

Newly formed organization combines existing entities’ strengths into critical service for those held by criminal gangs, terrorist groups, or foreign governments


(Washington, DC, February 26, 2024) Global Reach has been formed by US business leader and philanthropist, Steve Menzies, to consolidate professionals, nonprofit and commercial resources together for the purpose of rescuing US citizens held hostage or otherwise wrongfully detained outside the US. Mr. Menzies, Founder and Chairman of Applied Underwriters and the Steve Menzies Global Foundation, will carry forward the work of the late Governor Bill Richardson’s third-party intervention and his record of success in helping to bring Americans home and out of harm’s way.

Mr. Mickey Bergman, the long-standing Vice President and Executive Director of the Richardson Center for Global Engagement, has been named to lead Global Reach as its CEO and to join together operational teams who have worked from both inside government and the nonprofit sector to collaborate with US government officials, foreign officials, business leaders, regional experts, other non-governmental organizations, and other third parties on a case-by-case basis.

According to Mr. Menzies, Global Reach will prove a unique resource in the sphere of human rights: “Our leadership team includes top-level individuals with an exceptional mix of skills, experience, and expertise; including national security, Track Two diplomacy, private sector business relationships with foreign governments, and research and intermediation with families of victims. The complexity and depth of knowledge these cases require often transcends governmental and other established resources, indicating the need for identifying and realizing a sophisticated approach that adds up to the result we seek: the freedom of US citizens wrongfully detained. In Mickey Bergman, we have the ideal leader for the marshaling of strengths worldwide to help our fellow citizens—a promise I made to Bill Richardson to continue his work with Mickey.”

Mr. Bergman noted, “Steve Menzies and his Foundation have been a generous, committed strategic partner to Governor Richardson. Following the Governor’s recent passing, Steve and I recognized that the mission had to continue, and the need was only becoming greater. His relationships in the business community and entrepreneurial approach amplify our ability to support families in our effort to bring Americans home and to be the go-to source for the most needful cases.”


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Global Reach, a 501(c)(3) organization, represents and works on behalf of the families of victims held hostage or otherwise wrongfully detained outside the US, at no cost to them. Global Reach is funded by concerned private citizens who are committed to the mission and want to do what they can to help innocent Americans. It does not accept money or any form of donation from the families served or from returned detainees. Global Reach also does not accept grants or donations from the US or foreign governments.