June 29, 2020

Citizen Diplomacy Logistical Support and Advisory

The Foundation works to promote international peace by providing the critical logistics planning and resources needed to accomplish engagements involving the safe and humanitarian release of people detained around the world, including journalists, prisoners of conscience, and others caught as pawns in larger conflicts. By providing hands-on logistical operations including transportation, medical support, communications, and security, the Foundation adds an additional layer of support beyond traditional diplomatic efforts by directly intervening and engaging with national leaders, governments, local governments, and regimes.

May 3, 2020

Professional Training and Partnered Infrastructure

At excellent, well-established colleges and universities in the United States, tuition increases cannot keep pace with fixed costs. Meanwhile, elsewhere on the globe, developing nations struggle to create effective college programs equal to their nations' needs. The Foundation links these challenges into a mutually compatible solution by arranging for U.S. colleges to export their curricula so that students in developing countries can receive a degree from the American institution. In return, American colleges keep up with the rising fixed costs that outpace increases in on-campus enrollment.